Rural Co-op Credit Union

Our Mission

The Rural Cooperatives Credit Union is a member owned, federally insured financial institution.
Our mission is to promote thrift and provide the best possible financial services to all members at competitive rates while maintaining the Credit Union’s long term financial stability.

Rural Cooperatives Credit Union has been serving members as a not-for-profit, member owned and operated financial cooperative since 1964. Earnings from loans and investments are returned to members in the form of dividends. It is this common-bond, teamwork concept that makes credit unions unique in the world of finance. Credit Unions are the only financial institutions operating for just one purpose – to serve the needs of their member/owners.

Annually, the Credit Union’s membership elects individuals from its own members who have agreed to serve designated terms on the Board of Directors. The Board represents the membership and governs the Credit Union by establishing policies and procedures that reflect the best interest of the members. Board members volunteer their time and talents. Without this dedicated group, the Credit Union could not offer the full-range of services and programs members enjoy.

Rural Cooperatives Credit Union is a full-service financial institution. We offer a variety of products and services such as low rate loans and convenient checking accounts.

Who Can Join?

Employees, members, patrons, contractors and family members of Electric Cooperatives in Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee.  Also the statewide electric cooperative associations of Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee, employees of National Information Solutions Cooperative, Western Kentucky Energy, Paradise TVA Steam Plant, Warren County Water District and other employer-based croups.  Please contact us for additional details.