Association Staff

The association staff is more than just a collection of talented individuals. It’s a carefully selected, integrated and creative team of people who are passionate about what they do. Our team is dedicated to the same principles that have helped make the association great since its inception, and our focus is always on serving our Members.

<center>Chris Perry</center>

Chris Perry

CEO & President

Assistant: 502-815-6371

<center>Joe Arnold</center>

Joe Arnold

VP of Strategic Communications

Office: 502-815-6372

<center>Jeremy Denny</center>

Jeremy Denny

Chief Financial Officer

Office: 502-815-6311

<center>Julie Mayton</center>

Julie Mayton

VP of Human Resources/Benefits

Office: 502-815-6313

<center>John Bell</center>

John Bell

Facilities Coordinator

Office: 502-815-6316

<center>Shannon Brock</center>

Shannon Brock


Office: 502-815-6304

<center>Chase Crigler</center>

Chase Crigler

Community and Government Affairs Director

Office: 502-815-6305

<center>Kelli Gibson</center>

Kelli Gibson

Assistant to the CEO

Office: 502-815-6368

<center>Kacey Harmeling</center>

Kacey Harmeling

Graphic Designer

Office: 502-815-6322

<center>Wade Harris</center>

Wade Harris

Multimedia Specialist

Office: 502-815-6329

<center>Chris Hayes</center>

Chris Hayes

Chief Technology Officer

Office: 502-815-6392

<center>Jessica Hawkins</center>

Jessica Hawkins

Graphic Designer

Office: 502-815-6338

<center>Katy Hurt</center>

Katy Hurt

Sr Graphic Designer

Office: 502-815-6320

<center>Jim Jobe</center>

Jim Jobe

IT Support Specialist

Office: 502-815-6394

<center>Charlie Lewis</center>

Charlie Lewis

Safety & Loss Prevention Instructor

Office: 502-815-6389

<center>Mary Lyons</center>

Mary Lyons

Communications Office Coordinator

Office: 502-815-6315

<center>J.C. Lyons</center>

J.C. Lyons

Safety & Loss Prevention Instructor

<center>Kevin McCarty</center>

Kevin McCarty

Safety & Loss Prevention Instructor

<center>Randy Meredith</center>

Randy Meredith

Director of Safety & Training

Office: 502-815-6390

<center>Linda Miller</center>

Linda Miller

General Accounting Specialist

Office: 502-815-6375

<center>Tralese Morgan</center>

Tralese Morgan

Payroll & Accounting Specialist

Office: 502-815-6314

<center>Missy Orr</center>

Missy Orr

Administrative Coordinator

Office: 502-815-6370

<center>Barbara Prather</center>

Barbara Prather

Manager Financial Services

Office: 502-815-6318

<center>Matthew Russell</center>

Matthew Russell

Financial Business Analyst

Office: 502-815-6376

<center>Joel Sams</center>

Joel Sams

Managing Editor

Office: 502-815-xxxx

<center>Krista Strader</center>

Krista Strader

A/P A/R Supervisor

Office: 502-815-6377

<center>Jeremy Swift</center>

Jeremy Swift

Safety & Loss Prevention Instructor

Office: 502-815-6388

<center>Jerry Thompson</center>

Jerry Thompson

Manager Safety & Security

Office: 502-815-6354

<center>Mallory Wafzig</center>

Mallory Wafzig

Manager of Cooperative Outreach

Office: 502-815-6302

<center>Renee Williams</center>

Renee Williams

Advertising Manager

Office: 502-815-6337

<center>Tracy Wise</center>

Tracy Wise

Human Resources Coord

Office: 502-815-6312