Line trainees learn the ropes at EKPC

Dozens of electric line worker trainees received hands-on training for three days in mid-May at EKPC to better their skills in rigging and hoisting operations.

The three-day training was led by Kentucky Electric Cooperatives Director of Safety and Training Randy Meredith and held at EKPC’s headquarters and outdoor training facility. Trainees from 15 different electric cooperatives across Kentucky learned skills designed to improve the work of apprentice and entry-level line workers, including how to set poles and how to install transformers and other heavy power-line materials manually.

“Performing these tasks within the bounds of OSHA Standards is the core component of the training that Kentucky Electric Cooperatives is providing,” Meredith said.

Safety is a critical component of the training. Meredith said instilling the core safety components of the job early in the careers is not only a key to working safely, but working safely for years to come.

“We know that with a foundational understanding of the compliance standards, even the most rigorous work can be performed safely and efficiently. We want all line workers to be safe during the day and go home fully intact every night.”