Kentucky’s “Best”

This year, I have been losing track of days. Have you noticed how every day is starting to feel like a repeat, with the repetitive nature of the news reporting about the coronavirus? I have heard similar comments from several of my friends.

One of the most difficult challenges this year is the uncertainty. In the electric business, uncertainty is inherent with the job. Weather changes from hot to cold, from drought to floods, or from ice storms to tornadoes.

Electric cooperatives are also impacted by the energy used by homes and businesses. Most times, there is a pattern to how electricity is used, but this year that usage is uncertain. This same uncertainty extends to you at home as well as to the businesses and attractions that make up our Best in Kentucky award winners.

Kentucky Living’s Best in Kentucky awards celebrate the great things about our state. I was lucky enough to visit one of our winners, the Dale Hollow Lake Golf Course, shown above, during the pandemic. I want to thank each of you for voting for our winners and continuing the legacy of celebrating the businesses, people and places that are the Best in Kentucky.

However, I want to ask you to do something more for Kentucky. The businesses that are highlighted in this issue continue to face uncertainty. As we move into fall, I am going to visit and do all I can (pandemic restrictions permitting) to help out these places.

We are fortunate that Kentucky has so many great opportunities and scenic spots just a short drive away, which make for excellent day trips that can calm the soul.

Take a drive and spend some time at a state park. Play golf at one of the beautiful courses around the state. Order something good to eat and pick it up before going to a park for a picnic.

I know that every day right now feels like Groundhog Day. I understand that it is hard to stay safe and feel comfortable when visiting places around the state, but it is important that we continue to support the Best in Kentucky.

Chris Perry, Kentucky Electric Cooperatives President and CEO.