We’re all in this together

We’re in the middle of the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic now, but when the crisis has passed, I hope we can look back at this disaster to recognize its irony. I hope we can say that a virus that forced us to stay away from each other also brought us together.

It’s something that your local electric cooperative knows well, that when our communities are facing the greatest challenges are the times we also see the best of our neighbors and friends, a sense of civic duty and a resolve to do what it takes to not only overcome an obstacle but move forward as well. Kentucky’s electric cooperative program began as America was clawing its way out of the Great Depression. Since then, we have weathered many storms and tragedies, the sacrifice of our soldiers in war, natural disasters, the ravages of drug abuse, farming downturns and a changing economy that left many of our communities behind.

Our parents and grandparents found the will and the ways. Then, as now, we’re all in this together.

As this current crisis continues to unfold at a dizzying pace, Kentucky’s electric co-ops have taken measures to encourage the health and safety of local consumer-members and of co-op employees so that nothing threatens the uninterrupted service of safe, reliable and affordable electricity. 

I hope you see this special April Travel Issue of Kentucky Living as further testament to that uninterrupted flow of Kentucky energy. Though every individual Kentuckian, industry and business is affected by the economic stranglehold of this pandemic, our hope for the future is bolstered by acts of kindness and the promise of better days ahead.

I think about the beautiful and interesting tourism attractions and destinations highlighted in this month’s issue. Be sure to call ahead or check online to see whether the events and places featured here are affected by pandemic protocols. For those that have had to curtail operations, I encourage you to save this magazine all year long as a handy guide of places to go, enjoy and support in the future. Kentucky’s tourism treasures are going to need our help.

I have confidence we will support them. After all, we’re all in this together.