No sales tax on your power bill

I need your help to keep your electric bill as affordable as possible.

Ahead of the Kentucky General Assembly convening for its budget session in January, I urge you to tell your legislators not to add any sales tax on residential power bills. 

Connecting with your specific lawmakers is made easy on our new grassroots website, Simply fill in your address and the website will have an email ready to send to your senator and representative.

Under current law, residential electric bills are exempt from the state’s 6% sales tax. However, as the General Assembly continues to consider new sources of revenue, potentially removing more exemptions from the sales tax, co-ops are urging legislators to protect the exemption on residential electric bills.

Since we launched this campaign in October, we are thankful that some lawmakers have affirmed they would not consider this proposal. Even if you want to thank your legislators for opposing this tax, it is important that they still hear from you and understand that you care about this.

The way co-ops judge every expenditure is whether it helps us serve our consumer-members. A tax on every residential power bill would not help us serve our members. By keeping costs as low as possible, co-ops not only help household budgets, but also economic development in communities across rural Kentucky.


Chris Perry, Kentucky Electric Cooperatives President and CEO.