Time to Beautify the Bluegrass

Kentucky’s electric cooperatives do an incredible job of caring for the communities they serve.  Here is an opportunity for your co-op to receive statewide attention for your beautification efforts, and earn some bragging rights as well.

“Beautify the Bluegrass” is a partnership with Kentucky Living and Gov. Matt Bevin. The project encourages people all across Kentucky to improve the physical appearance of the Bluegrass.

“Our goal is for you as community members to identify something in your community that you can be involved in repairing, or enhancing, or beautifying,” said Bevin in 2018.

Along with two public awards, the Governor’s Award and the Commonwealth Award, there is a specific category for electric co-ops. The winner of the “Cooperative Award” is chosen by Gov. Bevin.

Last year, 10 cooperatives submitted projects, ranging from picking up litter on a stretch of highway to beautifying several state parks.

Photo: Lori Ulrich

Fleming-Mason Energy won the Cooperative Award in 2018 for its efforts to spruce up Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park. The Fleming-Mason team not only replenished the mulch but also repaired the playground equipment. With the help of employees, co-op directors, families and friends, the team revived the pollinator garden with plantings and installed benches for visitors to enjoy.

“One of the core cooperative principles is commitment to community,” says Fleming-Mason’s Lori Ulrich, director of Community & Economic Development. “This project gave us a chance to work together as a team to help with a need in our community.”

Kentucky’s Electric Cooperatives encourages all co-ops to get involved in this project.  To be eligible, projects must have been started after July 27, 2018 and completed by June 28, 2019.

“The co-op mission is to improve the quality of life in Kentucky,” says Chris Perry, President and CEO of Kentucky Electric Cooperatives. “If you love Kentucky like we do, we hope you consider picking up a shovel or maybe just picking up some trash and be a part of this great effort.”

For more details about this project, visit Beautify the Bluegrass. If you have any questions, contact Thom Whittinghill at 502.815.6329 or twhittinghill@kaec.org.