United we stand: Statewide association for electric cooperatives updates name

Kentucky Electric Cooperatives is the new identity of our statewide association, which represents and supports all 26 electric co-ops in the Bluegrass State. These locally owned co-ops provide power to more than 1.5 million people across 117 of the state’s 120 counties.

Chris Perry, President and CEO, Kentucky Electric Cooperatives

Our services to your local co-op include safety and management training, communications support led by our flagship publication, Kentucky Living, and public advocacy before the state legislature and state agencies.

We work to ensure that legislation and regulations won’t adversely affect your local co-op’s ability to provide safe, reliable and affordable electricity. That’s why we need your help to speak up for your co-op to your local elected leaders.

Our new name reflects the unity and collective strength of Kentucky co-ops. When we work together and present a unified front, our co-ops can achieve much more than we can as separate entities. This is an important collaboration to help your local co-op continue to efficiently and effectively serve you.

Though the commitment of the statewide association to its member co-ops has remained constant since we formed 75 years ago, every generation has had to adapt to its own unique circumstances and make careful and conscientious choices.

We continue to evolve, just like your local electric co-op. Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperatives Corporation (KRECC) was officially incorporated in 1948, and in 1974 we became Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives (KAEC).

At Kentucky Electric Cooperatives, each co-op brings its unique experience to the table. Your co-op was built by, belongs to, and is led by people in its home communities. Yet one of our principles is cooperation among cooperatives, and our unity has never been more important than in this era of co-op history.