Lend Your Voice to Rural America

In 2016, rural America played a big part in our national elections – 500,000 MORE rural voters went to the polls than in 2012.  This is an incredible story, as many in small towns and communities across our country went to the polls to ensure their voices were heard, and elected officials took notice.  But, elections matter EVERY year.

2018 will be no different, and electric cooperatives have the opportunity to play a vital role in encouraging rural voter turnout and engaging on issues that matter most to us. This year, we must build on the momentum we started in 2016, to join with 42 million members of electric cooperatives around the country, and remind our elected officials that rural issues matter.

Electric co-ops are not-for-profit energy providers that are owned by the members they serve.  They provide coverage for 88 percent of our nation’s counties. They are a foundation in their communities and their members can make a difference in lending their voices to issues like rural infrastructure and broadband, and maintaining access to affordable, reliable electricity.

To ensure that all electric co-op members do continue the drumbeat that started in 2016, the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) will continue the successful Co-ops Vote program. This is a non-partisan initiative that remains quite simple at its core:  to ensure that members are registered to vote and they go to the polls for every election, and to ensure rural issues remain part of the national discussion.

By participating in the Co-ops Vote program in 2018, co-op members continue to send a resounding message that all candidates – at all levels – will need to put rural America’s concerns front and center in order to earn our vote. We proved in 2016 that with millions of electric co-op members speaking out with one voice, we can have a major impact in making our top issues part of the national conversation.

Learn more at www.vote.coop.