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Electric cooperatives are private, consumer-owned, not-for-profit utilities that serve more than 1.5 million Kentuckians across 71 percent of the state’s landmass. There are 24 local, consumer-owned electric distribution utilities in the state, as well as the two “generation and transmission” cooperatives that produce power for those distribution co-ops.

Co-ops are member owned and regulated

Electric co-ops are owned by the members we serve. Members elect board members to represent their interests and set policy and procedures for the co-op.

Co-ops are not-for-profit

Co-ops exist to serve our communities instead of shareholders. Co-ops distribute and sell affordable energy and invest any excess revenue back into the electric system.

Co-ops improve our communities

Keeping the lights on. Recruiting new industry. Educating the leaders of tomorrow. Electric co-ops take seriously our responsibility to improve lives in our communities.

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